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Selling Your Home

The Value of a Realtor

Our Plan

allows us to give you the best experience and best return possible!

Our Mission

is to perfect the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity!

Our Services

  • Pre-Inspection

  • Staging & Photography

  • Marketing

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Guidance Through the Sale of Your Home

Our Promotion

In addition to listing your home in all three MLS Systems, we also market your home using:

  • KW
  • Realtor
  • Zillow
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Yelp
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Website
How We Deliver

Negotiation Skills
We are Seasoned Negotiators, as well as Strong Advocates for our clients!

​Marketing Expertise
Our in-house marketing team confirms our listed homes are syndicated to all internet sites, to maximize visibility exposure via the internet.

​Market Analysis/Price Guidance
The price of listings affects visibility in searches, whether it sells, and the final sales price. Our research will allow you to make the best decision for maximum profit.

​Home Services
We are Full Service Agents. Our Home Assessment allows for the best presentation possible when listing your home with us. Our homes rise above the competition.

​Contract to Close
Our mission confirms we pride ourselves in cultivating a spirit of collaboration – from the moment we sign, communicating with all parties to ensure a seamless experience.

​Support Closing
Our team coordinates all closing duties from a listing or buying experience. This assures our clients and other parties in the transaction an easier and more efficient outcome.

​Local Market Knowledge
We maintain an advantage in this competitive industry by ensuring our agents’ market knowledge is current on the area’s changes and growth through community involvement, sponsorships, and attendance at community events and council meetings.

​Access to a Network
Our team has a massive following online. Coupled with community involvement and strong relationships with local businesses, our team is the 'go to' group for real estate needs – financing to landscaping and everything in between.

The Proof

Average Days on Market
Days on market is simply the number of days a home listing has been active in multiple listing services until it is sold. When a real estate property is listed as active, this means that the seller is still accepting offers, and every day the Days on Market will go up until it changes to “pending” when the seller has accepted a bid.

The Rachel Z Team consistently outperforms the Average Days on Market Industry Average. What does this mean to you? Simply put - your home sells faster!

At The Rachel Z Team, our goal is to sell home, not just list it for you!​

A Message From Rachel Z.

Virtual Staging

Get Your Home Market Ready! Virtual staging is a powerful real estate marketing tool in which a home is staged virtually with the help of computer technology. Virtual staging is an excellent option for sellers who are still in their home while it’s on the market. It does not remove or edit design elements that are currently in a home. However, you’ll be able to remove personal items or furnishings that may negatively affect your listing. Once the photos are taken for staging purposes, furniture and other items can be placed back where they were to begin with. Virtual staging is more convenient and allows you to maintain a comfortable style of living while your house is on the market.

The goal of virtual home staging is to help potential buyers visualize the potential of a room and make the home look more appealing. Ultimately, you want a person to be able to envision themselves living there. First impressions are important, so presenting a beautifully designed image of a home with the listing is a great way to catch the interest of potential buyers.

Free Home Assessment

Now Is The Time To Sell! If you're hoping to sell your home, knowing your property's value is essential for pricing it right to make buyers bite. Having an accurate grasp of your home's estimated market value can come in handy.

Estimate your home's value as too high, and it could wind up sitting on the market. That’s a big problem, because a property that goes unsold for an extended period of time often becomes stigmatized. Pricing your home below market value in an attempt to stir up interest and generate multiple bids can also backfire. Granted, that strategy could work in a hot seller’s market, but underpricing your home frequently leads buyers to assume that your home is worth only its list price.

Your best bet: Know what your home is worth, and list your home close to that figure—aka its market value.

Rachel Z. was recently featured in a Podcast discussing why home staging, and even virtual staging, are a good idea for sellers to consider, even when the market is hot. So, if you're an agent who has sellers on the fence about staging their home, or you're considering selling your home, this episode is a good one to watch.

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